SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation is the most important thing you need to know about when it comes to owning a website of any kind. SEO is what makes your website and all search engines link together in the correct way. In other words, it’s the difference between your website showing on page 1 or page 200 in search results.

There are many different areas where SEO comes into play so let’s have a look at some to give you an idea of how it’s done.

Post Title SEO

The title of a post is normally a good indication of what is going to be written in the content. You wouldn’t title a post ‘the best lipbalm’ and write a post about building houses. Make sure your title is correct for your content. Using the keyword ‘best lipbalm’ will mean that your post is one that is bought up in the search result.

Post Content SEO

The SEO for this area can be referred to as in-page SEO. This covers all of the text that you have written on that page.


When adding images to your website, make sure you are giving them names, alt tags, and

descriptions. Whatever you do, don’t leave the file name as something like 00001.JPEG. Adding in the keyword you’ve used in your page title, content and URL will help in making the image visible to image searches and benefit your website tremendously. 

Keyword SEO

Search engines use keywords to help match what a reader is looking for on the internet with websites it thinks have the right information. It’s kind of like you reading a recipe book, seeing what you need, and pulling that ingredient out of the cupboard. You wouldn’t pull out the wrong ingredient. In the same way that Google wouldn’t want to give you the wrong search result. It needs those keywords to give you the correct content.

Page URL

Making sure your URL is as close to, if not the same as your page’s post title will help search engines determine what the page is about.

Hopefully, these all give you some insight into how to use SEO correctly. As always, if you need any advice please feel free to pop us a message on our socials or email us.

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