Do you need an SSL certificate

Imagine you’re having a conversation on the phone. You’re laughing away while you reminisce about something that only the two of you know. Would you want someone listening in from another phone? No. I didn’t think so. So would you want someone creeping in on you and taking your personal details as you are about to log in to your internet banking or make a purchase on something on your favourite website? Of course, you wouldn’t!

An SSL certificate is like a moat, securing the castle from outsiders, only in this case, it’s a small piece of data that encrypts the information between your device and the server that the website you are viewing is hosted on.

We often get asked if an SSL certificate is needed and we always say yes. This is why we provide them for free to our customers. Having an SSL provides added security to anyone coming to your website. It helps you to earn their trust, knowing they can make a purchase or fill out a form safely without anyone stealing their information.

Having an SSL is good for you. Google like people that see the importance of an SSL certificate. It boosts your SEO and search ranking so while you do something good for the people coming to your website you are also potentially getting yourself more visitors.  

So, in short. Yes, you do need an SSL certificate on your website. It’s the law to have them on all websites that take payments. With all the benefits you get from having one, I’d put them on all websites, even if it’s just a small blog or one-page site.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about SSL Certificates or if you would like to have one set up for yourself.

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