How to request SSH Access

SSH access allows for a number of advanced functions and should only be requested by technically competent individuals. It is more secure to not enable SSH. 

By requesting SSH is enabled you agree that:

  • You will not leave your home directory.
  • You will not attempt to view or edit other users’ files.
  • You will not attempt to run permanent server side processes.
  • You will not attempt to gain extended user privileges on the server.
  • You will use your SSH server access purely for managing the website hosted on that account.
  • You will fully indemnify us against any damage caused to the server by yourself or anyone who logs in using your credentials.
  • You will not start server processes.

All keystrokes for SSH are logged and reviewed each day, please note that any breaches of the above will result in your account being terminated without notice.

If you require access to your account via SSH, please open a support ticket requesting SSH access to be enable for your account.

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