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You can only transfer a domain name you legally own and are listed as the administrative contact on the database.
Transferring a domain to Raid Host is simple and normally FREE.
To initiate the transfer all you need to change is the domains IPS Tag to ours. Raid Host's IPS TAG is: PDR-IN
Some providers require you to contact their support department and request the IPS Tag to be changed, Others allow you to change the IPS Tag from within their control panel interface. Make sure you unlock the domain before trying to change the IPS Tags.
Wait for your current provider to confirm the IPS Tags have been changed or confirm the IPS Tags have changed to PDR-IN by checking the information.
You need to check under the registrar area that the tag = PDR-IN as below.
        PDR Ltd. d/b/a [Tag = PDR-IN] 
Once this has changed, log in to your Raid Host account and click on "Transfer Domains to Us" from the nav bar on the right hand side.
Follow the onscreen instructions and await a confirmation email from Raid Host. Some times we will send an email to the administrative contact for this domain name to approve the transfer, simple click the link within the email to confirm the transfer.
Once complete you can add and use the domain with your cPanel hosting.
Please note: The transfer is normally free but your current domain expiry date will remain. When the domain is due you can then renew the domain via your Raid Host account.
Some providers charge a leaving fee, this is a pure profit exercise normally £10-£12 per domain, we will never charge you to move your domain away.
For assistance moving your domains please contact our support team

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