Web Hosting for Developers

Specially Designed Web Hosting for Developers

At Raid Host we’ve stripped out the cost and complexity of configuring your own virtual or dedicated server with our customisable shared hosting packages. One of the biggest issues a shared hosting provider faces is their level of server security. The more flexible you are with functionality the more vulnerable you can potentially be. For a provider that hosts 1000’s of customers on a single server, 99 times out of 100 the answer is to lock it down and prevent customers from making changes to the application environment. Better safe than sorry, right? Well at Raid Host, we believe differently…

Web Hosting for Developers

Customise the PHP Version and Enabled Extensions


Customisable Shared Hosting

There are many legitimate reasons for locking down a shared sever, and we’re not against that, just the way it’s done. Hosting providers often restrict things like htaccess files, php versions and installed extensions – all of which can effect the functionality of your application, particularly if you have a requirement to run a legacy app. The normal solution is to purchase a VPS or Dedicated Server at higher cost, but we think this is unnecessary which is why we’ve designed our web hosting for developers.

What are the benefits?

Security and Performance

As each user is isolated there are a number of security and performance benefits as well as value add functionality. The server’s stability is increased as CPU and Memory limits are set per user which means if a user on the same shared sever hosts an application which is overloaded or compromised it won’t effect other users on the server. Visitor spikes are also handled much more efficiently meaning your application can handle more simultaneous users during those busy spells.


So why is our web hosting for developers? Change the PHP configuration through cPanel at the click of a button with no technical server knowledge required. This allows you to focus on the important stuff, the code. The screenshot above shows an example of a user enabling different PHP extensions to run a particular web application from our control panel, and below are some of the configurable PHP options available.

Web Hosting for Developers

Easily Customise the PHP Configuration

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How does it work?

Normally a hosting server will have 1 file system with each user’s files stored in protected folders. With Raid Host each user has their own virtualised file system. This not only increases the security of the user’s account and the server by preventing an individual user from seeing other users, but allows us to customise many server settings on an individual basis – something that would normally require a VPS or dedicated server. Try asking a mainstream hosting provider if you can increase the max file upload limits or your application execution time. The answer was almost always a big fat NO!

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How much does it cost?

The great thing is this that all of our customers exist in a virtualised and isolated environment and will benefit from the added security this brings. The customisable PHP configuration functionality comes as standard with all reseller packages, starting at just £9.99 per month, and is also available on our deluxe and ultimate web hosting plans, which also start at £9.99 per month. (Lite and Economy shared hosting plans do not have configurable PHP enabled which keeps them clean and lightweight).

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What happens if it all goes wrong?

Not to worry, all of our shared and reseller hosting packages include support to get you out of those tricky situations. Need help getting started? We will soon update our FAQ section with a how to video guide but in the mean time you contact our support team to get you setup with your web hosting for developers.


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