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phpbb hostingphpBB Hosting – Your Online Community Forum with Raid Host

Online forums are known to be resource hungry and use a lot of bandwidth, that’s why phpBB Hosting with Raid Host is perfect for your online community. Our incremental hosting packages allow you to upgrade to more resources as your phpBB forum goes without any downtime.

phpBB has long been the web’s most popular open source community forum software. Of course it’s free, but it’s also rich in features and easily customisable. Create unlimited categories, topics and posts.

phpBB tips

Here are a few tips for setting up your first community forum:

  • Create posts to drive your community size and traffic. Users won’t create new posts nearly as much as they will reply to existing ones. Get the discussion rolling and people will join in!
  • Forums are notorious for SPAM so ensure you enable safe guards such as Captcha. Whilst they may be seen as annoying, they will instantly kill SPAM almost completely.
  • Sign up to Google Analytics to keep a track on the most popular topics and categories in your forum. Then you can create more topics and posts in these areas to increase the participation and value of your forum even more.