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Create a Website – Get online with Raid Host

With Raid Host it’s easier than ever to create a website and start your online presence, whether it’s a personal blog, company website or e-commerce store. Not only is Raid Host’s low cost web hosting packages perfectly optimised for content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla!, our library of over 280 auto-installers allow you to get started with just 1 click!

Our simple to use software allows you to browse different applications and even demo them before installing. To create a website simply login to your control panel using the details provided in your account confirmation email. If you have any questions along the way our premium UK support are always on hand to assist.

Not too sure about setting up a website by yourself? No problem, our professional web designers can provide consultancy or even create a website to get you started. Best of all Raid Host customers will receive discounted rates on our web design services. Please contact us and ask for a no obligation tailored web design quote; you’ll be surprised just what we can do for you.

create a website with 1 click
Create a Website with 1 Click

We don’t stop there. Not only will you receive 2 months free web hosting if you pay yearly and a free domain name, you’ll also receive 3 months free search engine optimisation through our partner Click Submit. At Raid Host we provide you with all the tools you need so getting online really couldn’t be easier and all at great value for money.

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Interested in finding out more? The links below will direct you to some useful tips and information on some of our favourite open source content management systems, all of which are available through our 1 click auto installer.